Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses

The Settlement Association of Häme is a member of the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses.

The Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses is a non-governmental organization, uncommitted to politics or religion. It does educational and social work, and it’s the central organization for the settlement associations. Its members are 33 local settlements and seven regional child and youth work associations.


The Core Values of Settlement Work:

  • Compassion found in everyday life
  • Communality
  • Cooperation between different kinds of people


Values Guiding Settlement Work

  • Respect for the rights of the individual
  • Acceptance of diversity, and equality unaffected by skin colour, gender or culture
  • Trust in the individual and their community’s ability to solve their own problems independently
  • Localness
  • Belief in personal friendship and the possibility of a connection transcending all boundaries
  • Commitment to better the situation of those in weaker positions


The Basic Tasks of the Finnish Settlement Movement

  • Helping individuals take control of their lives
  • Enabling lifelong learning
  • Encouraging interaction and compassion between people
  • Realizing communality in practice and to develop forms of activities that promote participation in societal decisions